8 days in Gaza

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2nd November 2012


Islamic Relief Worldwide



8 Days in Gaza

The impact of the conflict

The conflict of November 2012 has had a devastating impact on the people of Gaza. With 163 killed, 1,200 injured, thousands displaced and significant damage to infrastructure over a period of eight days, the effect of the bombardment has been catastrophic in this densely populated territory where most of the population were already dependent on humanitarian aid for survival. Amongst the destruction a hospital, a school and a water well rebuilt by Islamic Relief after the 2008 war have been damaged once again.

Islamic Relief staff, who were on the ground throughout the conflict delivering life-saving medical aid, are now assessing the extent of the damage. More worrying than the collapse of health and education facilities is the impact on a generation of Gazan children of eight days of trauma that may stay with them for the rest of their lives.




Islamic Relief Worldwide (2012), 8 Days in Gaza the impact of the conflict, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham


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