Islamic Relied USA Annual Report 2004

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31st December 2004


Islamic Relief USA



Islamic Relief USA Annual Report 2004

A World of Hope 

Two-thousand four began and ended with two of the biggest natural disasters of our time. Islamic Relief was very fortunate to be a part of the humanitarian response in both instances. The Bam, Iran earthquake and the Asia tsunamis claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Islamic Relief ’s immediate and comprehensive response to these two disasters exemplified the effectiveness of our relief work and the growing role our organization plays in alleviating the suffering of the most needy across the globe. Immediately after the earthquake in Bam, Islamic Relief ’s Emergency Response Team surveyed the damage and implemented a recovery plan. Within hours of the tsunamis, Islamic Relief staff rushed from our Jakarta office to aid victims in the biggest relief effort in Islamic Relief ’s history. Within days, together with our committed partner, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Islamic Relief sent a cargo plane shipment of essential emergency relief supplies. Due to the magnitude of the crisis, our commitment to the tsunami survivors did not end with the emergency phase. In both Indonesia and Sri Lanka, our long-term reconstruction projects have already begun. In addition these two devastating crises, Islamic Relief was a consistent presence in places with enduring problems, most notably in Darfur, Sudan. Islamic Relief has been one of the most effective organizations providing relief for the displaced population of Darfur. In an editorial column, the New York Times has mentioned that Islamic Relief “has done a wonderful job in Darfur.” Islamic Relief ’s domestic work witnessed the expansion of the “Humanitarian Day” event to aid the homeless to two major cities, where thousands of people were provided with food, blankets, clothing, and health screenings to help them cope with life on the streets.




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