An Act of Faith

Publication date

8th March 2015


Chloe Stirk



An Act of Faith

Humanitarian Financing and Zakat

All of the world’s major religions contain some element of alms giving, and faith plays a key role in the funding and delivery of humanitarian response across the world. While we cannot say how much religiously motivated giving takes place globally each year, it is clear that faith-based organisations mobilise and channel a significant proportion of global humanitarian assistance, and are actively involved in its delivery. In 2013, faith-based organisations received and delivered between US$420 million and US$434 million (15–16%) of all international humanitarian assistance channelled through non-govermental organisations (NGOs).


External research


Stirk, C (2015). An Act of Faith: Humanitarian Financing and Zakat. Global Humanitarian Assistance, Bristol, [Online] Available:


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