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Conflicting Agendas Converging Hopes

Publication date

7th November 2006


Dr Hany El Banna



Conflicting Agendas, Converging Hopes


Many People, including myself, are increasingly wearing of hearing about numerous lectures, meetings and conferences addressing the issue of dialogue. These gathering are perceived by some as being a waste of time, money and effort. Why? Because whilst we stand here talking and theorising, the public about which we like to speak does see nor feel any concrete results. Indeed, whilst we discuss these issues, the feelings of division, stigmatisations and isolation are steadily growing in many parts of the world and none of us is any safer.



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Dr Hany El Banna. (2006). ‘Conflicting Agendas, Converging Hopes’ . Paper written for the World Economic Forum in Turkey,  November 2006.


  • Conflicting Agendas Converging Hopes
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