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Islamic Relief Annual Report 2005

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31st December 2005


Islamic Relief USA



Empowering people, inspiring Humanity (Islamic Relief USA Annual Report 2005)


Every day since our opening more than a decade ago, Islamic Relief has been making a mark on the lives of children and families in need all over the world. Millions of people have been helped by the continuing efforts of Islamic Relief. The year 2005 was a milestone in human history, testing individual strengths and increasing the global bonds of brotherhood. Just days into the New Year, millions of people in Asia and East Africa found themselves struggling to cope with the aftermath of the most powerful tsunami to hit the earth in 40 years. Months later, tragedy hit home when Hurricane Katrina, one of the worst disasters in United States’ history, struck down in the Gulf Coast. Soon afterwards, amidst existing unsteadiness, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake devastated South Asia, affecting over 5 million people. Islamic Relief responded to these disasters within hours of their occurrences, and our teams are still on the ground, empowering survivors to rebuild their lives, and not lose faith in the power of the human spirit. Two-thousand and five has been an astounding year for Islamic Relief and our donors. Faced with so many calamities around the world, our donors opened their hearts and their wallets and more than tripled the amount of donations they gave in years prior. In this annual report, I’d like to highlight a few of the most important marks we made this year.

• Recognition as a 4-Star Charity from Charity Navigator for the third year in a row.

• Strengthening our partnership with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

• Responding to three of the largest natural disasters in recent history by developing and implementing short and long term goals to help survivors back onto their feet.

Indeed, 2005 was a year of earth-shaking disasters, countered by an unparalleled outpour of donor generosity and kindness. Never before has the world seen such grave catastrophes. And never before has the world seen such human benevolence.




Islamic Relief USA (2005), Empowering people, inspiring Humanity (Islamic Relief Annual Report 2005), [Online] Available: http://issuu.com/islamicreliefusa/docs/islamicreliefusa_annual_report_2005


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