Empowerment Issue 1

Publication date

14th July 2015


Islamic Relief Academy



Empowerment (Summer 2015, Issue 1)


Developing the strength of aid workers and aid organisations is a key step towards increasing effectiveness in the charity sector. Similarly, generating and disseminating knowledge helps people make informed and appropriate choices and promote good practice in the sector. With the growing number of national and international organisations operating within disaster prone or affected communities and fighting poverty in different corners of our planet, efficiency and effectiveness are even more essential.

It is through increasing our effectiveness that we will be able to ensure the best use of our resources, provide the right solutions to problems, bring to life innovative interventions, offer quality and timely services to poor and marginalised people while preserving dignity and building equal opportunities. We are delighted to provide you with some updates on the progress of Islamic Relief Academy during 2015. Empowerment is a regular newsletter which aims to share our regular updates with humanitarians within Islamic Relief and across the charity sector.




Islamic Relief Academy (2015), Empowerment (Summer 2005, Issue 1), Islamic Relief Academy, Birmingham, UK


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