Publication date

8th September 2010


Mamoun Abu Arqub



Islamic Relief: Faith and identity in Practice


Inspired by his Islamic faith, Dr Hany El Banna, an Egyptian immigrant, founded Islamic Relief (IR) in the UK in 1984. IR is a faith-based organisation (FBO) and the largest Muslim humanitarian aid organisation in the West. Faith is a major factor in shaping its identity as well as its values and choices. Islam indicates that each individual has a duty to care for the poor and is accountable for his or her deeds on earth. Therefore, it is important that the organisation abides by Islamic principles and values while contributing to fighting poverty. Faith defines the organisation’s identity; it influences its performance, choices and actions. In practice, IR’s fundraising on the one hand, and projects , demonstrate the spirit of its Islamic humanitarian work.



Arqub,M. (2010). Faith and identity in Practice. [Online] Available:


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