From Hunger to Herd1

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4th June 2015


Islamic Relief USA



From Hunger to Herd


Food is precious and when you can’t afford it, hunger hurts, sometimes for days. Khadra and her husband, from Palestine, struggled to provide food for their six children. He does manual labor and works hard upon hours in the hot sun just to keep his family alive. The hard labor wears away at his health, and they haven’t made enough money to sustain them. Poverty keeps them down and hungry.

The problem is that hunger and poverty are almost always linked. For Khadra and others, finding food solutions to hunger is complicated. They needed help getting out of poverty so that they could afford food.

You provided Khadra with two sheep. With just two sheep, you’ve made a lasting difference for her and her entire family.



Islamic Relief USA [n.d] From Hunger to Herd, Islamic Relief USA, Alexandria, VA


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