Islam and Fairtrade

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26th June 2015


The Fairtrade Foundation



Islam and Fairtrade


In striving to be the best Muslim, we aim to perfect our ritual acts of worship, but also to live our lives by the principles and spirit of Islam. Every day we struggle to uphold principles of justice, fairness and honesty in our dealings with family, friends and colleagues. But our responsibilities are not restricted to only those directly around us. All creations of Allah – nature, animals, humans – have rights and we are duty-bound to ensure we are meeting our responsibilities to them. One responsibility we have is to less well off people in the developing world.

Fairtrade is a way of ensuring that we are fulfilling our obligations to farmers and producers in poorer countries who struggle to make ends meet. Many smallholder farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America, face insurmountable barriers to earning a decent living from their work. Inadequate agricultural equipment, poor access to markets, a lack of market information, global trade rules which push down crop prices and favour rich countries and unscrupulous traders are just some of the struggles that farmers face.



The Fairtrade Foundation [n.d], Islam and Fairtrade, Fairtrade Foundation, London [Online] available:


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