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2nd January 2013


Islamic Relief Australia



Islamic Relief Australia Annual Report 2012


2012 saw Islamic Relief Australia thrust into the thick of the action with its work for Syrian refugees, the Somali famine, Libyan refugees and the emergency in Gaza. We took the initiative to invite our donors and civil society leaders including religious scholars to visit Gaza, Egypt and the Syrian refugees in Jordan, so they could see at first hand the impact of Islamic Relief work on the ground.

In order to better connect with communities we opened our office in Melbourne. Our international programs team visited our livelihood project, which is enhancing the income of poor fishermen in Indonesia and established a centre for children for special needs in Cairo Egypt. Our seasonal programs during Ramadan and Qurban have covered more than 20 countries and aiming to reach 30 in 2013. Donations doubled in 2012 from what was received in 2011, but still not fulfilling the needs.



Islamic Relief Australia (2012), Islamic Relief Australia Annual Report 2012, [Online], available at:


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