Islamic Relief Pakistan Annual Report 2010

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1st January 2011


Islamic Relief Pakistan



Islamic Relief Pakistan Annual Report 2010


Islamic Relief was putting the finishing touches to a school in Kashmir which had collapsed six years ago during the Kashmir earthquake as the worst-ever natural disaster hit this disaster-prone country, affected 20 million people. The Pakistani floods of 2010 were more devastating than the combined effects of the Asian tsunami, the Kashmir earthquake, Katrina, the Nargis cyclone and the Haiti earthquake. Islamic relief was one of the first organisations to provide emergency tents for the victims with clean drinking water, food and medical aid.

The Pakistan Flood was one of the largest and most complex disasters in human history covering an area the size of England impacting on 18 million people 14 million of whom remained in need of help at the end of 2010. This disaster came on the tail of Haiti and a rash of smaller disasters in Asia. The entire humanitarian sector remains overstretched well beyond capacity.



Islamic Relief Pakistan (2010), Islamic Relief Pakistan Annual Report 2010, [Online], available at:


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