Islamic Relief annual report 2011 12

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1st January 2013


Islamic Relief Pakistan



Islamic Relief Pakistan Annual Report 2011-2012


Organizations are best judged not by what the accomplish at good times but on how they manage and move forward in challenging times. 2011 and 2012 were challenging years for our right holders, beneficiaries and staff members and in turn they tested Islamic Relief Pakistan’s (IRP) ability to respond to large scale emergencies and several complex issues. I feel obliged to see that in these past years, our team delivered with professionalism, dedication and creative solutions. Islamic Relief Pakistan managed to materialise its emergency response, community engagement and mobilisation into tangible and conspicuous outcomes for the community we have worked with.

The ‘Annual Report’ is rightfully a good opportunity to reflect upon and review our contributions in the past years and evaluate our achievements.



Islamic Relief Pakistan (2013), Islamic Relief Pakistan Annual Report 2011-2012, Islamic Relief Pakistan, Islamabad [Online] available at:


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