Islamic Relief annual Report 2009 Palestine

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26th January 2009


Islamic Relief Palestine



Islamic Relief Palestine Annual Report 2009


It gives me great pleasure to introduce IRPAL’s Annual Report for 2009. The year was one of the most challenging faced by Islamic Relief in Palestine. It was marked with a devastating war that destroyed Gaza Strip’s already weakened infrastructure and more traumatically, people’s lives.

The responsibility for reviving the Palestinians, especially in the Gaza Strip, has become heavier for IRPAL to bear. When reviewing the overall achievements and the difference that we made for the desperate families and children, we are very proud of the work we have been doing, and continue to do. All those who trusted IRPAL and the work we do in Palestine, this year they trust us more by continuing to fund the great people of this territory.

We succeeded in the past and are ever more successful in reaching the neediest. This happened first and foremost through the success granted from Almighty Allah; secondly the assistance from the kind people from around the world; and thirdly by the arduous efforts of the workers on the ground who attempt to erase the scars of the war from shattered innocent lives to help them become more hopeful through various projects.



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