IR Palestine Annual Report 2010

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30th December 2010


Islamic Relief Palestine



Islamic Relief Palestine Annual Report 2010


The core of Islamic Relief’s work is in its commitment to meet the needs of those who we work with by providing lasting, sustainable change in communities. In 2010, we developed this work further in Palestine by extending projects that help disadvantaged Palestinians to help themselves and others. For Islamic Relief Palestine office, 2010 was a year of developing and increasing interventions for the deprived.

Throughout this year we worked tirelessly in health, education, water and sanitation, construction, livelihood and many other sectors helping people to make long-term changes by providing the means to sustain a living. Islamic Relief is one of the largest humanitarian NGOs in Palestine working in Gaza Strip and the West Bank to alleviate the suffering of the poorest people and to support communities through our main programmes: emergency, development, construction and child welfare.

Through these programmes we implement projects which leave a notable impact on the development of the Palestinian community towards a better future despite the hardship that is faced such as the high rate of unemployment and abject poverty.



Islamic Relief Palestine (2010), Islamic Relief Palestine Annual Report 2010, Islamic Relief Palestine, Ramallah, [Online] available:


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