Islamic Relief South Africa 2010 Annual Report

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30th December 2010


Islamic Relief South Africa



Islamic Relief South Africa Report 2010


Islamic Relief South Africa works to alleviate the suffering and poverty of the most vulnerable both in South Africa and abroad.

The year 2010 challenged our humanity through the death, destruction and devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti and the floods in Pakistan. The supporters of Islamic Relief answered the call of the survivors for shelter, food, water and support to rebuild their lives. Our staff continue to restore the dignity of the affected by being with the people of Pakistan, Haiti, Niger and Gaza and many other countries in preparing communities to better respond to disasters in future.

The world descended on South Africa for the FIFA world cup during June-July 2010. The warmth of the reception given by our people especially our children and the ease of stay that our modern infrastructure provided, the world came to realise that the majority of South Africans live in a sea of poverty with pockets of wealth being beamed through television networks.



Islamic Relief South Africa (2010), Islamic Relief South Africa Report 2010 , Islamic Relief South Africa, Johannesburg



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