Islamic Relief Annual Report 2008

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31st December 2008


Islamic Relief USA



Islamic Relief USA Annual Report 2008

Together, we get the job done

2008 was a special year. As we commemorated our 15th year of service to humanity, our partners, donors and volunteers celebrated with us by working harder than ever to expand our programs around the world. Since our beginning in 1993, Islamic Relief USA’s volunteers and donors have stood strong beside us and stayed committed to alleviating poverty for those who need it most. By the blessings of Allah, it is this commitment that has carried our organization over the last 15 years from a small grassroots organization into one of the most efficient and effective nonprofit humanitarian organizations in the nation. Donors, partners and volunteers like you are the backbone that keeps our work steady, the pillars that raise our efforts each year, and the hope that fills the hearts of hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries around the world. Whether responding to emergencies, building sustainable projects, or helping spread awareness and education of our programs, our donors, partners and volunteers perpetually go above and beyond to help us save lives.



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