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27th May 2012


Islamic Relief USA



Islamic Relief USA Recognized by FEMA at Community Prepardness Awards


(Washington, D.C.) Islamic Relief USA was awarded Honorable Mention at FEMA’s 2012 Individual and Community Preparedness Awards for innovative practices and achievements in emergency preparedness.

Paulette Aniskoff, Director of Individual and Emergency Preparedness Division for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, noted that as emergency responders in 2012, Islamic Relief USA has helped make “our communities safer, stronger and better prepared to manage any emergency situation.”

IRUSA’s Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) was among first responders to several emergencies in the United States this year: most recent were its efforts to help survivors of Superstorm Sandy, which thrashed New York and New Jersey in October; and also in April, when tornadoes swept through Texas.

IRUSA CEO, said that “Islamic Relief USA is committed to supporting humanitarian relief efforts all over the world, and especially here in the United States. Making our communities safer, and better prepared for natural disasters is one, important aspect of that mission.”

IRUSA’s DART continues to expand its volunteer base, and offers disaster responder certification training through the American Red Cross to individuals who wish to become active members of their communities.




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