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Publication date

31st January 2005


Dr Hany El Banna



Joseph’s Formula


When I received my invitation to attend the ‘Poverty and Development’ programme, certain questions came to mind: ‘Is the purpose of this programme to discuss the causes of poverty and the means to eradicate it? Was it to talk about the definition of development on the essence and vale of development? During my musings, my thought strayed to the period of great hardship which faced Egypt during the life of Prophet Jacob and his children, peace be upon them all. At that time, Egypt was one of the major centres of globalisations, which was routinely visited by people from various societies and cultures for the purpose of trade, business, and exchange of technology as well as educational help amongst other reasons. As a result I decided to centre this document on Joseph’s formula. But what is that exactly? Joseph’s formula is the long term plan Prophet Joseph, peace be upon him, (PBUH) developed to save Egypt during a time of great hardship. The King of Egypt had a dream in which he saw seven fat cows being eaten by seven lean cows and seven healthy ears of corn being swallowed by seven unhealthy ears of corn. Prophet Joseph, (pbup) was brought from his cell where he had been wrongfully imprisoned and asked to interpret the dream, which greatly troubled the King.


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Dr Hany El Banna. (2005). ‘Josephs Formula’ . Paper presented at World Bank meeting on Faith & Development in Dublin 31 January-1 February 2005.


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