lets rebuild egypt

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3rd July 2012


Islamic Relief Canada



Let’s rebuild Egypt

Working together for a better world

My dear brothers and sisters, the people of Egypt have struggled and sacrificed for the betterment of their nation and their people for a long time. An Islamic Relief delegation had the honor of traveling to Egypt to meet with the minister of development Gouda Abdel Khalek, the minister of health Ashraf Hatem, grand mufti Ali Gomaa and Al-Azhar shaykh Ahmed el-Tayeb.

Together, we are developing plans to provide assistance and aid to communities throughout the country. During our visit, the Islamic Relief team was distributing food packages to families in dire need of assistance. One of those recipients was a 106-year-old woman who was living alone despite being legally blind. And yet, even with those circumstances, the warmth of her spirit enveloped us all. That sister’s spirit is what drives donors and volunteers, like you, to work handin-hand with Islamic Relief Canada to make “the mother of the world” – the entire world – a better place.




Islamic Relief Canada (2012), Let’s rebuild Egypt, Islamic Relief Canada, Burlington, ON.


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