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13th January 2013


Islamic Relief Malaysia



Partnership (Malaysia 2012)

Buletin Kemanusiaan Islamic Relief Malaysia Islamic Relief Malaysia Humanitarian Bulletin

Alhamdulillah, with your continuous trust and support compounded, with the sincere and tireless efforts by the team in Bangi, around Malaysia and South East Asia, more local and international beneficiaries had been successfully served throughout 2012!

Another rewarding period in serving humanity filled with satisfaction when Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) modus operandi were guided by the Vision, Mission, Strategic Focus Areas (SFAs) & Key Performance Outcomes (KPOs) extracted from Islamic Relief Global Strategy 2011-2015. These KPOs were further refined into Strategic Aims & Objectives (SAOs) being the cornerstone in drafting IRM’s internal Organization KPIs, hence ensuring alignment with other Islamic Relief fraternities worldwide. To our Chairman and BOT members, our line manager, Brother Heshmat Khalifa (IFDD Director) and our IR colleagues worldwide, thank you for your feedback and guidance.



Islamic Relief Malaysia. (2012). Partnership 2012., Islamic Relief Malaysia, Selangor [Online] Available:


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