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13th January 2013


Islamic Relief Malaysia



Partnership (Malaysia 2013)

Buletin Kemanusiaan Islamic Relief Malaysia           Islamic Relief Malaysia Humanitarian Bulletin

Alhumdulillah, for another year we in Islamic Relief Malaysia were given the opportunity to serve humanity. Thank you for your continued trust, support and prayers. We have touched more hearts and impacted them with better living conditions through your contributions. It reaches out to more beneficaries out there locally and abroad. Be it in Kedah & Perlis stretching to Sabah & Sarawak crossing over to Syria, Gaza, Mindano & Cambodia and travels to South Africa and Chad. It transcends beyond geographical, racial, religious and political borders. Our various products, campaigns & services..from Mysedekah, AlYateem Sponsorship, Ramadhan Relief, Qurbani, “ Gift Of Hope”, reaching out via our social and printed media in trains or highways…”Think Humanity, Think ISLAMIC RELIEF” is here to continue serving humanity in 2014 and beyond.


Islamic Relief Malaysia. (2013). Partnership 2013., Islamic Relief Malaysia, Selangor [Online] Available:



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