Pakistan continues to pay a heavy cost

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16th September 2015


Islamic Relief Pakistan



Pakistan continues to pay a heavy cost for the reckless borrowing

“A Glossary of Debt Terminologies”

Providing assistance to those in need. All developing countries need more
money to be able to reduce poverty, provide healthcare, educaon and
services for their cizens.
Balance of Trade
The financial difference between imports and exports.
Bank for Internaonal Se:lements (BIS): the world‐wide organizaon of
central banks. The BIS played an important role in the early stages of the debt
crises a5er 1982, by providing bridging loans to major debtor countries
whose IMF programs had been delayed by negoaons with commercial
banks on new money loans. These bridging loans were repaid from the first
drawings from the Fund when program came into effect.
A form of debt which is transferable between creditors, and bears interest at a
fixed or floang rate. ( A special case is the zero‐coupon bond used in some
dent reducon packages under the Brady Iniave). Bonds are generally
repaid in a single installment, and/or o5en bought by individuals or by other
financial instuons rather than by commercial banks, which have historically
tended to prefer forms of lending such as syndicated loans.



Islamic Relief Pakistan [n.d], Pakistan continues to pay a heavy cost for the reckless borrowing, Islamic Relief Pakistan, Islamabad [Online], available at:


  • Pakistan continues to pay a heavy cost
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