Palestinians in Yarmouk

Publication date

4th June 2015


Islamic Relief USA



Palestinians in Yarmouk: Refugees once again


When your home is being destroyed, and your life and the lives of your children and loved ones are threatened, you have no time to think and few choices. You have to try to get everyone somewhere safe—away from the bombing, bullets, and other immediate threats as soon as possible.

But then you find yourself displaced in shelters and camps, with very little to no food, water, money, work, sanitation, or supplies. And then other threats to your children’s lives become very real, very fast, like starvation, disease and dehydration. These are threats you can’t run from …

What do you do when all hope seems lost?

For the Palestinian refugees from Yarmouk camp near Damascus in Syria this is the reality. Yarmouk is home to the largest Palestinian refugee community in Syria.  Although this community worked hard to improve their own living conditions since 1957, families from Yarmouk are now struggling to survive due to the war in Syria, and threats to their lives are everywhere. They are fighting a hard battle every day to stay alive—and children are suffering the most.



Islamic Relief USA [n.d] Palestinians in Yarmouk: Refugees once again,[Online] Available:


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