Partnership 2014

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21st July 2014


Islamic Relief Malaysia



Partnership (Malaysia 2014)

Buletin Kemanusiaan Islamic Relief Malaysia                      Islamic Relief Malaysia Humanitarian Bulletin

Alhamdullilah, our heartfelt gratitude to all stakeholders for your continuous trust, support and prayers for us in Islamic Relief as your humanitarian NGO partner. Our mandate covering relief, developmental, disaster risk reduction and advocacy continues.

Your contribution, coming through various forms (financial, in-kind, expertise, idea & prayers) had impacted and crated the futures of thousands of beneficiaries locally in Malaysia and abroad. They did not choose to suffer. However, behind their sufferings, come windows of opportunities for us to fulfil our responsibilities through the wealth granted to us temporarily by the Almighty.



Islamic Relief Malaysia (2014),  Partnership 2014, Islamic Relief Malaysia, Selangor [Online] available at:


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