Partnership May 2013

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15th May 2013


Islamic Relief Pakistan



Partnership (Asia edition – May, 2013)

Benefiting the most marginalised and at-risk communities

Responding to emergencies, strengthening disaster response systems, improving food security, empowering women, provision of clean water, healthcare, boosting self-esteem of orphans, making people self-sufficient, finding durable solutions to benefit the less privileged, mobilising the resources, knowledge management and leading the humanitarian aid actors are a few glimpses from Islamic Relief’s Asia chapter.

Over the years, Islamic Relief (IR) has been working in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and responded to the immediate needs of the most deserving communities. The frequent disasters, changes in climate pattern and man-made alteration of natural settings have contributed to horrendous situations and challenges are becoming more threatening day-by-day. These challenges are making poor communities more marginalised than before.



Islamic Relief Pakistan (2013), Partnership (Asia edition – May, 2013), , Islamic Relief Pakistan, Islamabad [Online], available at:


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