Partnership Autumn 2004 Issue 27

Publication date

17th September 2004


Islamic Relief Worldwide



Partnership (Autumn 2004, Issue no. 27)

Afghanistan’s children of war

Thousands of orphans in Afghanistan are living with images of violence imprinted on their minds. If we could capture the events they have witnessed on film, it would not be a movie we could show our children, even in the comfort of their own homes.

The orphans of Afghanistan have no comfort zone they can call home, and there has been no censorship of what life has thrown at them. Death, destruction, destitution – they have seen it, endured it and now live with the consequences every day.

In this new issue of Partnership, we share with you the stories of some of those children. We bring you glimpses of life on the streets of Kabul and in an Afghan orphanage. We hope you will take the time to listen to these children because in post-war Afghanistan their stories are everybody’s story.


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Islamic Relief Worldwide (2004), Partnership (Autumn 2004, Issue no. 27)


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