Partnership January 2012

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15th January 2012


Islamic Relief Pakistan



Partnership January 2012, Pakistan edition

Dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the world’s poorest people.

Islamic Relief has handed over 497 permanent shelters to the flood-affected people of district Muzaffargarh. So far IR has constructed 1522 permanent one room shelters for victims of 2010 floods in Muzaffargarh. In its 2010 flood response programme, Islamic Relief immediately responded the immediate needs and early recovery of the flood-affected people and started its long-term development programmes in district Muzaffargarh with an integrated village rehabilitation approach, said Programme Manager Farooq Khan during handing over ceremony of shelters to community in Muzaffargarh.

Since the commencement of its services to the flood-hit communities, Islamic Relief has provided 1522 permanent shelters, 1546 toilets, implemented Qurbani project, distributed 959 non-food items and provided livelihood support to 1529 families, 111,015 people were benefited from its health interventions. We are still working on integrated village rehabilitation programme with a focus on livelihood and education sector in close collaboration with the stakeholders, he said.



Islamic Relief Pakistan (2012), Partnership January 2012, Pakistan edition, , Islamic Relief Pakistan, Islamabad, [Online] available at:


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