PArtnership 2009 Jan June Issue no 10 Pakistan

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26th June 2009


Islamic Relief Pakistan



Partnership (January-June 2009, Issue 10)

A six monthly newsletter of Islamic Relief Pakistan edition 

The ongoing military operation in Waziristan & people to two major camps; Kachha Garhi in Bajaur, NWFP, Pakistan in August 2008 Peshawar and Jellozai in Pubbi, Nowshehra. Islamic resulted in displacement of hundreds of Relief was given the task of Jellozai camp thousands of children, women and other segments of development by the UNHCR and later the health, society. nutrition and water & sanitation services by WHO and UNICEF accordingly.

A large number of people lost their loved ones, their homes, livelihood and on top of that they had to flee Islamic Relief setup the Jellozai IDPs camp initially their villages due to the increased risk to their lives for 1000 families within a very short span of time to owing to intensified fighting. ensure that the displaced families have a proper place to stay. For site development major work involved Initially temporary camps were established for the site planning and land leveling. displaced people in different parts of NWFP (but the condition of the people living in those camps were Numbers of tents at the camp were increased from bad).



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