Partnership July December 2012

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15th December 2012


Islamic Relief Pakistan



Partnership July-December 2012, Pakistan edition

Dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the world’s poorest people

Fulfilling humanitarian needs, saving lives and initiating development interventions, start from fundraising and end as success in the form of smiles on the faces of the people we touch. It is neither a story of a few lines nor a matter of an eight-to-five job. It is rather the legacy of Islamic Relief predecessors, who not only rebuilt the lives of hundreds and thousands of vulnerable people, but also offered their own lives at the front lines in Somalia and Azad-Jammu Kashmir(AJK).

While maintaining Amana (custodianship) since 1984 and particularly from July to December 2012, we were directly involved in both short and long term projects all across the country and AJK. But among a few projects, which we can proudly claim to be innovative, was the installation of solar panels in the villages of Thatta, Sind where Ali Akbar is the only school-going child in his village to start studying under light generated from a solar panel.



Islamic Relief Pakistan (2012), Partnership July-December 2012, Pakistan edition, , Islamic Relief Pakistan, Islamabad [Online] available at:


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