Partnership Malaysia 2009

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16th October 2009


Islamic Relief Malaysia



Partnership (Malaysia 2009)

Buletin Kemanusiaan Islamic Relief Malaysia

On the 27th of December 2008, a wave of air and missile attacks took place in Gaza and started a humanitarian crisis across the stirp of land. Lurching from crisis to crisis, the 22-day conflict had left hundreds of innocent people dead and thousands injured, many of them women and children. In the densely populated Gaza strip, people had been struggling to survive with no electricity and limited access to food and water. Gaza’s hospitals were at breaking point as they tried to treat the injured without adequate and appropriate medical supplies. The situation was so precarious and beset with dangers as people ere afraid to go out even to get food or medical help.


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Islamic Relief Malaysia (2009), Partnership, Buletin Kemanusiaan Islamic Relief Malaysia 2009, Islamic Relief Malaysia, Selangor


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