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Partnership Spring 2002

Publication date

11th April 2002


Islamic Relief UK



Partnership (Spring 2002, Issue 19) UK edition

With the needy     UK Edition

Afghans struggle for peace

As Afghanistan emerges from the latest chapter of its turbulent history, Islamic Relief continues its tireless work, bringing vital relief supplies to those devastated by the recent crisis. 22 years of war has all but destroyed Afghanistan’s infrastructure. A fourth year of drought, the recent aerial bombardment and the country-wide fighting has plunged Afghanistan into “the worst humanitarian crisis in the world”. Over 3.5 million Afghans are refugees in neighbouring countries, whilst more than 1 million are feared to be displaced within Afghanistan. Through the winter months, Afghans have only restricted access to shelter, food, water and healthcare.



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Islamic Relief UK (2002), Partnership (Spring 2002, Issue 19)


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