Partnership Autumn 1999 Issue 12

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12th December 1999


Islamic Relief Worldwide



Partnership (Winter 1999, Issue no. 12)

The newsletter of Islamic Relief

Since late February 1998, Kosovo has been faced with an explosion of violence, resulting in the displacement of an estimated 400,000 people. The Serb army and police have systematically targeted the Albanian Muslim population in response to their call for greater independence from Serbia.

Although the Albanians make up 90% of the population of Kosovo, they have faced an uncertain future since Serbia cancelled the regions autonomy in 1989. Where the conflict was first concentrated in Srbica and Glogovac, it has now expanded to Kosovsko, Mitrovica, Kima, Djakovica, Decane, Pec and Istok involved 300 other villages and towns.


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Islamic Relief Worldwide (1999), Partnership (Winter 1999, Issue no. 12)


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