Qurbani meat distribution case study 2014

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9th October 2014


Aissa Chamakh



Qurbani Meat Distribution 2014

Case Study Interview –  2014 Template

For this year’s project, we have coordinated with the regional offices of the Ministry of Social affairs in the targeted regions. Thus, they provided us with a list of the poorest families in each region noted that all these families have Poverty Cards, which are assigned to the beneficiaries according to precise criteria. The main challenge we faced in this year’s project was principally linked to the execution phase and more specifically during the distribution as it coincided with the campaign of the legislative election. Thus, our work might be exploited from several parties and several media organizations. Fortunately, IRT was conscious of this challenge and succeeded to cope with it through the coordination with the local state organizations.




Aissa Chamakh (2014) Qurbani Meat Distribution 2014 , Islamic Relief Tunisia, Tunis


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