Qurbani to Kenya and to Muktar

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4th June 2015


Islamic Relief USA



Qurbani to Kenya and to Muktar


Muktar Ibrahim Hassan was 12 when he was living with other orphans in Barwaq village in Mandera, Kenya

All of his siblings lived with his mother in Hargardera refugee camp in Dadaab. Work was hard to find, and his mother couldn’t afford to keep all of her children fed and in school without help.

More than this, frequent drought kept food—especially meat—scarce and expensive for everyone.

Muktar usually ate very little, and what he did eat was not enough for a growing boy his age, or anyone for that matter. Rice, maize and beans didn’t provide enough nutrition to keep him healthy and growing.

Without the Udhiyah/Qurbani meat that generous Islamic Relief USA donors like you help provide to the orphanage, Muktar and all of the other orphans living there might have never had a proper meal for Eid or any other day of the year. That’s vital nutrition that these children may otherwise never have gotten during their entire childhood! Already, too many young children suffer from malnutrition in Kenya. This meat is truly a blessing for them, and Muktar, mature for his age masha’Allah, eloquently and gracefully thanks God and his donors for helping him and the orphanage when they need it most:

“I am very thankful for the support of donors. May Allah (swt) help them the way that they helped us.”




Islamic Relief USA [n.d], Qurbani to Kenya and to Muktar [Online] Available: http://www.irusa.org/case-studies/qurbani-to-kenya-and-to-muktar/


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