Situation Analysis and Proposal Writing Livelihoods Horn of Africa

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11th March 2012





Situation Analysis and Proposal Writing – Livelihoods in the Horn of Africa


The causes of the current crisis in the Horn of Africa are resulting from a combination of factors that are linked to environmental change and political ecology. The continuous cycle characterised by drought impacts have been exacerbated through the cumulative effect, also known as the ratchet effect, where through repeated exposures to drought impacts increase vulnerability.

Environmental changes, including changes in rainfall patterns from regular seasonal cycles to shorter and more intensive rainfall periods have impacted on rangeland regeneration. This has resulted in the degradation of pastures, this, increasing seasonal livestock migration. Such patterns have also increased livestock drop-outs and urban migration as young people go in search of other opportunities such as urban employment.

Despite these conditions, there are still opportunities to build climate-resilient livelihoods based on adaptation strategies to the changing climatic conditions. These can be grouped into three themes: Urban and Peri-Urban Interventions, Rural Interventions, Rural Interventions and Landscape Interventions.



Dr.A.Adam . (2012). Situation Analysis and Proposal Writing – Livelihoods in the Horn of Africa. [Online] Available


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