Solomon’s Humanitarian Horizon

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11th March 2005




Solomon’s Humanitarian Horizon


I would like to begin by clarifying my position. I will come straight to the point: the “global war on terror” has been focusing on specifically on Muslims and Muslim countries. This is not to say that this is a war on Islam necessarily

but the current focus is the Muslim world due to the various political situations. This has resulted in Muslims coming forward, more than usual, to show the real Muslim world and the real face of Muslims and I am happy to that non-Muslims want to see this real face. This is one of the reasons why I am standing in front of you today. So I speak to you as a Muslim and thus my contribution will also come from the standpoint of my belief, which is Islam.


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Dr Hany El Banna. (2005). ‘“Solomon’s Humanitarian Horizon”. Paper delivered at the Club De Madrid International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism & Security, March 2005.


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