Sponsorship to Success

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4th June 2015


Islamic Relief USA



Sponsorship to success


Seventeen-year-old Dua lives in Pakistan She lost her father, but alhamdulillah, a kind sponsor is helping to care for her. This care enables her to study at a good-quality school, and Dua’s hard work is enough to make her sponsor proud: With her high grades, she ranked third in her school in the last exams. This is a high achievement! Orphans often face strong obstacles in pursuing an education, as school can be a luxury for a family that has lost a loving provider and protector.

Dua and her mother and sisters can’t afford to have their own home anymore—they live with the girls’ grandparents. But education is important to them. The girls’ mother teaches at the school Dua attends and helps her with her studies. Her two sisters are also strong students, masha’Allah. They are grateful that sponsorship has helped make good education accessible.

Dua loves to read in her spare time, and she researches online to help with her studies. She is a prominent member of a Student Quality Circle—a platform of more than a dozen schools and colleges, through which students highlight issues and recommend solutions.




Islamic Relief USA [n.d], Sponsorship to success, [Online] Available: http://www.irusa.org/case-studies/sponsorship-to-success/


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