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13th April 2013


Islamic Relief Worldwide



Syria Humanitarian Crisis: January-June 2013 Update

Unprecedented Crisis

More than 2 years of unrest and fighting have created the worst humanitarian crisis in the modern history of the Middle East region. More than 6 million Syrians are in need for humanitarian aid, around 4 million people have been internally displaced, more than 1.7 million refugees have fled the country to neighbouring countries, the UN estimates around 100,000 have been killed and tens of thousands disappeared, millions of children have not received necessary vaccinations or attend schools. Moreover, basic infrastructure – houses, schools, hospitals, roads, power stations, water supply – have been destroyed or badly damaged. Normal economic activities – tourism, local trade, agriculture and manufacturing – have been badly disrupted or completely stopped.




Islamic Relief Syria. (2013). Syria Humanitarian Crisis January-June 2013 Update. Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham, [Online] Available: https://islamic-relief.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Syria/08/Syria-Update-Jan-to-June2013.pdf


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