Syria Operation Summary of acitivties 2012

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13th April 2012


Islamic Relief Worldwide



Syria Operation: Summary of Activities 2012


“Two years of instability and conflict in Syria have left the country in an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in its modern history. The UN estimates 70,000 killed, almost one million have fled to neighbouring countries, millions have been internally  displaced and around 1/4 of the entire population are in need of humanitarian aid.

Islamic Relief (IR) has been providing aid and support to Syrians during these hard times through its field offices and missions in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. In 2012, IR implemented 54humanitarian and relief projects worth more than 10 million GBP. More than 1 million beneficiaries benefited from these projects. This update highlights briefly our humanitarian intervention in 2012. IR would like to thank all donors for their generosity and support. Also, we would like to thank our field staff for their dedication and invaluable work.”



Islamic Relief Worldwide. (2012). Syria Operation Summary of Activities 2012. [Online] Available:


  • Syria Operation Summary of acitivties 2012
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