Syria two years too late

Publication date

25th June 2015


Islamic Relief Worldwide



Syria: Two Years, Two long

Key recommendations for easing the suffering of the Syrian people

Our report draws on Islamic Relief’s first hand experience inside Syria and in the refugee camps of neighbouring Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, as well as building upon research and consultation with various aid agencies. The report illustrates how the intensifying conflict – which escalated from civilian demonstrations two years ago – increasingly exacerbates the humanitarian crisis and directly affects over four million Syrians today.

The United Nations (UN) has recently declared Syria a ‘Level 3 Emergency’, categorising the crisis as a global priority. This underlines the need for concrete action to bring an end to the violence. The situation in Syria is complex, challenging and constantly changing. As such, this report does not presume that finding solutions will be easy, but it seeks to identify key initiatives that offer real potential to reduce civilian suffering alongside the enforcement of international humanitarian standards – both now, and for whatever post-conflict scenario emerges.



Islamic Relief Worldwide [n.d], Syria: Two Years, Two long,  Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham, [Online] Available:


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