The Charitable Legacy

Publication date

16th September 2015


Islamic Relief Worldwide



The charitable legacy that lives on

…even when you’re gone

Case Focus: Health Waqf
Providing Daily Hot Meals in Chechnya

The conflict in Chechnya has deprived thousands of children of a normal childhood. Growing
up with war and insecurity, their lives have been marked by poverty and turmoil. Instead of
running from classroom to playground they seek refuge in makeshift homes and worry about
where their next meal will come from.
Poor general health is common in Chechen children, usually caused by an absence of
nutritious food in their diet. Few can afford to eat three meals a day and as a result, suffer
from a variety of health problems, some of which directly affect their academic performance.



Islamic Relief Waqf [n.d], The charitable legacy that lives on… even when you’re gone, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham


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