Waqf 2014

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22nd January 2015


Islamic Relief Waqf



Waqf Annual Report 2014


Islamic Relief Waqf has been supported by generous donors for the last fourteen years and during this time it has funded almost one hundred humanitarian projects around the world. As donations continue to grow, Waqf-funded programmes bring sustainable benefits to more people each year.

In 2014, Islamic Relief Waqf supported some of the poorest communities in Bangladesh, providing orphans and their families with new homes and installing wells to provide clean water for river island communities. Food insecure families in Bangladesh shared in the joy of Eid when they received qurbani meat this year, as did families in Malawi and Niger. The ongoing crisis in Syria saw more refugees flee to Lebanon, where Waqf funds helped establish a specialist health centre for disabled refugees. In Pakistan, Waqf’s emergency fund provided shelter kits for vulnerable families made homeless by monsoon floods.




Islamic Relief Waqf (2014), Waqf Annual Report 2014, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham, [Online] available at: http://www.irwaqf.org/annual-report-2014/


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