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Whose Security Dr Hany

Publication date

7th April 2015


Dr Hany El Banna



Whose Security?


The ownership of charitable work and the right security of both the beneficiary and of those who seek to offer them aid are subjects close to my heart. These are issues that have exercised my mind for many years and, within Islamic Relief, have returned to the forefront of our strategic thinking. The first reason is that our Policy and Research Unit was recently asked to carry out a study into our security policy which will have ramifications for all of our field work. As a grass-roots implementing organisations, it is essential that this topic is taken seriously and, for this reason, we are in the process of ensuring that our policies and procedures are up-to-date and practical. Secondly, our staff in the field are vulnerable to attack, as are the staff members of all humanitarian agencies working in areas of conflict and natural disaster. The Geneva – based Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, in a recent report, found that in the period between 1997 and 2003, there were 291 violent deaths amongst humanitarian workers.



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Dr Hany El Banna [n.d] Whose Security?, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham


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