Orphan publication - international version

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8th April 2015


Islamic Relief Worldwide



Caring for Children

Islamic Relief’s Orphan Welfare Programme

Every year millions of children die because they do not have enough food, the water they drink is contaminated and they have no access to basic health care. An estimated 134 million children have also never been to school due to the effects of HIV/AIDS, natural disasters, conflicts and crippling poverty. They are missing out on a childhood and without support, they face a bleak future.

We believe we can make a real difference to the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children. Whilst we work to alleviate poverty and suffering in many of the communities these children belong to, we believe that children need special care. Our child welfare programmes are designed to ensure that children from the poorest communities do not miss out on a childhood and are given the best possible chance in life.




Islamic Relief Worldwide [n.d],‘Caring for children Islamic Relief’s orphan welfare programme.’ Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham, [Online], Available:http://www.islamic-relief.org/


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