From no one to someone

Publication date

2nd July 2015


Islamic Relief Bangladesh



From no one to someone

Success stories of some Women Fighters of HELP-UP against poverty

“From no one to someone” is the tale of some (once) severely support seeking women from Rangpur, northern part of Bangladesh. Rangpur one of the Monga suffered regions is the home of many “forget to smile” people. This tale is the tale of those fighters who turned back and took control over their “fate “and banished their sorrowful past. Now their life has changed a lot. Happy are their family and the neighbors. Islamic Relief, Bangladesh also very delighted who is proud to be a part of their “smile” by implementing HELP UP project with the support from European Union. Hope this tale will push more wheel of fortunes, will bring back bring more ‘smiles’ in every corner of Bangladesh.



Islamic Relief Bangladesh (2015), From no one to someone, Islamic Relief Bangladesh, Dhaka.


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