Inspirational Insights

Publication date

13th April 2014


Dr. Fayaz Ahmad



Inspirational Insights


It is our pleasure to share with you a snapshot of the stories of courage and inspiration displayed by individuals, families and communities, in the wake of the devastating floods in Pakistan in 2010.

Islamic Relief’s response began in Tehsil Kot Addu of district Muzaffargarh where we have recently concluded our emergency and early recovery projects. The stories in this document give an insight into the lives of flood affected communities with whom we have worked hand in hand.

These achievements were only possible due to the dedication and ongoing support of all those who helped make the project a success. First and foremost, we are grateful to the communities with whom we have worked for two years, who expected nothing less than our best efforts in helping them rebuild their lives.



Ahmad, F. (2014). ‘Inspirational Insights.’, Islamic Relief Worldwide, [Online] Available: 


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