Annual Report Bangladesh 2011

Publication date

31st December 2011


Islamic Relief Bangladesh



Islamic Relief Bangladesh Annual Report 2011


I am delighted to share with you the Islamic Relief, Bangladesh Annual Report 2011 that offers an overview of the results achieved by IRB supported initiatives in partnership with the Government, international donors and other partners.

This document seeks to highlight both sides of IRB’s work, from policy-level support to our grass roots impact on the ground. Within the framework of the Country Strategic Plan 2010-2015 our programme portfolio focuses on four main areas: humanitarian assistance and early recovery, orphan and child welfare, disaster risk reduction & climate change and poverty reduction and sustainable livelihoods. In addition, our gender equality initiatives cut across all project areas and aim to provide equal opportunities for women as well as men.



Islamic Relief Bangladesh (2011), Islamic Relief Bangladesh Annual Report 2011, [Online] available at:


  • Annual Report 2011 Bangladesh
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