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17th October 2016


Islamic Relief USA



Islamic Relief USA Annual Report 2015


The overall financial figures in this report were drawn from our 2015 audited financial statement or IRS 2015 Form 990, which were both calculated on an accrual basis. Detailed country financial data were drawn from grant records and reports from the implementing party in the field. All beneficiary totals for grants are estimates based on project reports from the implementing party in the field or other sources of quantifiable data. Beneficiary totals are calculated by including any person who received aid in 2015 through a project IRUSA funded in 2015. For projects that are funded and implemented over the course of several years, it is possible that the same person would receive aid over several years and thus be included in a count of beneficiaries more than once. In this circumstance, we would count that person as a beneficiary once per calendar year. A beneficiary of multiple projects may be counted more than once.




Islamic Relief USA (2016) Islamic Relief USA Annual Report 2015, Islamic Relief USA, Alexandria, VA.


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