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31st December 2012


Islamic Relief USA



Islamic Relief USA Donor Report


On behalf of Islamic Relief USA, I thank you for your assistance and support in 2012. 2012 was a year when we faced many crises in the world, but there was less public attention than in previous years’ higher-profile emergencies. Although the same level of awareness wasn’t there, the needs were still great. The situation in Syria continues to be a humanitarian disaster, but since its onset, was often dismissed as a political problem. Meanwhile, violence in Myanmar displaced tens of thousands of people and caused a great deal of suffering. Both Syria and Myanmar have been extremely challenging places to provide relief, but with the support of our donors and our networks of partners, we were able to send relief to Syrians, both inside and outside their country, and to many refugees from Myanmar as well.

In 2012, relief was still needed from recent years’ emergencies, so we continued providing post-famine relief in East Africa, while in Pakistan we finished rehabilitating villages that were damaged in the 2010 floods. In addition to relief work, we were also supporting development projects to help people to help themselves through vocational skills, livelihood and microfinance programs in places including China, Chechnya and Egypt. In Mali, as conflict erupted in the north, we continued our development work in the south. In Palestine, we were setting up kidney dialysis units, and repairing and equipping dozens of schools. And in Afghanistan, we were providing education for women and orphans.




Islamic Relief USA (2012), Islamic Relief USA Donor Report [Online], Available: http://www.irusa.org/content/uploads/2014/03/IRUSA_DonorReport_2012_spread_web.pdf


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