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15th September 2016




Islamic Relief Worldwide Annual Reports & Financial Statements 2015

Islamic Relief Worldwide

The humanitarian agenda faced by the global community in 2015 was an unprecedentedly complex and challenging one. It was a year in which the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War expanded significantly into Europe, while conflict continued to fracture families, natural disasters devastated communities and millions of people still struggled in poverty. For the Islamic Relief family, these challenges only strengthened our determination to extend our global presence and assist those in dire need of our help. As the war in Syria entered its fourth year, we reached a staggering four million vulnerable people. In Yemen, our local presence meant that when violence erupted, we were able to respond rapidly and provide 1.3 million people with food rations and access to clean drinking water. We also delivered swift emergency aid when earthquakes hit Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal, and when flood waters swept into homes in the United Kingdom.




Islamic Relief Worldwide (2016)Islamic Relief Worldwide Annual Reports & Financial Statements 2015, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham, UK.


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